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“We use Origin for all of our investigations. After transitioning to their integrated case reviews, our intake process is super efficient.”

Partner, Los Angeles-Based Law Firm

Origin is a private investigation and intelligence agency.

We assist governments, corporations, law firms, and individuals with criminal and civil matters throughout the United States and abroad.

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Origin is a different kind of private investigation agency and our clients experience the difference on every case.

Our in-house investigative team is comprised of experienced law enforcement and intelligence professionals, and we have industry-leading technology and administrative support.

  • Origin works tirelessly to expose hidden or misunderstood evidence. With our uncommon depth of diligence, we find the answers that have eluded others.
  • We focus on the details of every case. Our understanding of the real world injects our findings with authenticity to which clients and courts can relate.
  • Origin reports are clear, comprehensive, and decisive. We account for alternative explanations and strive for definitive assessments whenever the facts allow.
  • Our investigators are experienced professionals and are able to maintain critical focus during high-profile investigations and contentions court proceedings.
  • Origin responds to what you think is urgent. We meet our deadlines, but maintain flexibility to serve the constantly changing priorities and schedules of our clients.

Origin is a registered United States federal government contractor (7R8N0) and a licensed private investigation agency with the State of California (187863).

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Our Services

Our Services

Origin is a full-service Los Angeles-based private investigation and intelligence agency.

Our investigators specialize in matters related to criminal investigations, intelligence gathering, corporate and insurance fraud, surveillance, background investigations, computer forensics, threat assessment, and missing persons. We maintain an extensive network of assets to assist with cases throughout the United States and abroad.

  1. Government / Legal

  2. Corporate


With our diverse team and uncommon resources, it is always our goal to be your primary investigative agency.

We provide comprehensive services and have the investigative and administrative staff to respond quickly and get results, even where others have failed. No task is too simple or case too complex.

  1. Criminal Investigations

    Origin can provide detailed case review and complete parallel investigations from pre-arrest to trial, including appeals.

  2. Surveillance

    Our operatives are diverse, experienced, and highly skilled in both non-contact and covert contact surveillance.

  3. Difficult Locates

    Origin can find subjects who don't want to be found, through data-driven analysis and comprehensive field investigations.

  4. Digital Forensics

    Origin has experts on staff in data forensics, to analyze devices and provide data recovery and retention services.


Tools and resources you can use to get started even faster and progress even further, even on the most complex cases.

Specialized training and experience, three offices operating 24 hours a day - 365 days a year, and tools to make sure our clients always have access to the resources they need.

  1. Expert Witnesses

    Origin has leading experts available to consult in nearly every discipline and they are always an integral part of our investigative process.

  2. Administrative Staff

    Origin provides unparalleled support through our client relations and case management staff for routine inquires to emergency services.

  3. Technology

    With online case management and industry leading collaboration tools, we use innovative technology to enhance our connection with our clients.

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How to work with Origin

Origin partners with our clients in a variety of ways. Let us know your needs and we will figure out the best way to work together to get the best results.

Hourly Rate

The perfect starting point for criminal or civil investigations.


  • Free case consultations
  • Access to our entire staff
  • Access to specialized data

Hourly & Flat Rate Options

When you want to partner with a dedicated agency.


  • Comprehensive case reviews
  • Discounted investigative fees
  • Discounted specialized data fees
  • Dedicated case manager
  • Dedicated intelligence analyst
  • Free technology integrations
  • No long-term commitments

Some kind words from our clients...

We have worked with a variety of clients including law firms, government agencies, corporations, and high-profile individuals. Here is what they had to say about our agency.

Our People

Jayden Brant – The founder and managing partner of Origin

Throughout his career, Jayden has worked for the United States federal government in law enforcement and intelligence capacities. Jayden previously served as a Deputy Sheriff with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. While there, he worked in field operations, custody, training bureau, and numerous special assignments within the department.

He has extensive knowledge, training, and experience in criminal investigation, interrogation, undercover surveillance, case management, evidence handling, and California and Federal law.

Jayden attained California Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Certification and completed POST Advanced Officer Training while with the LASD and continues to maintain certification. He also completed the challenging coursework for the POST Specialized Investigator Certification.

During his career, Jayden has worked with the LASD, LAPD, US Marshals Service, Diplomatic Security Service, US Secret Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Superior Court of California, as well as numerous local law enforcement agencies and independent investigators.

In addition to a law enforcement background, Jayden also has significant private sector experience. He has held leadership positions in the heavily regulated financial services industry not only overseeing operations of a Registered Investment Advisory Firm, but also conducting corporate due diligence and fraud investigations.

He has also provided regulatory compliance, security, and legal consulting for high-profile individuals and numerous companies across a wide variety of industries. Jayden attended Claremont McKenna College and studied computer engineering.

Jayden is a member of the California Association of Licensed Investigators, the United States Association of Professional Investigators, the Association of Former Intelligence Officers, and the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts.

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  • Joshua Passas

    Director / Investigation Division

    Joshua provides case oversight and supervises our investigative staff nationwide. As a veteran law enforcement officer, Joshua brings strong institutional management skills and extensive practical knowledge of law enforcement and the investigative process.

  • Melissa Enriquez

    Director / Intelligence Division

    Melissa serves as our lead analyst and provides strategic oversight of our intelligence staff. She is a career law enforcement officer and intelligence professional, and her expertise, resources, and attention to detail provide unmatched insight into our cases.

  • Vanessa Sarco

    Director / Case Management Division

    Vanessa supervises our case management staff and oversees scheduling, travel planning, and client accounting. Her experience in business administration and customer service is critical to providing our clients with a high level of case insight and support.

  • Abram Popham

    Director / Client Relations Division

    Abram connects our diverse client base with our comprehensive investigative resources, and supervisors our marketing efforts and client relations personnel. Abram is a professional account executive, but also has experience as a law enforcment officer.

  • Yi Min

    Director / Technology Services Division

    Yi supervises our technical services and data forensics staff. His extensive professional law enforcement and military experience, coupled with advanced degrees in technology, has provided him with a broad range of qualifications and skills.

  • Lok Cheng

    Director / Administrative Services Division

    Lok serves as our admin director and supervises our general office staff. She coordinates human resources, recruiting, and strategic planning initiatives. Lok has a Master of Business Administration and undergraduate degree from the University of Amsterdam.

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Our offices are open 24 hours a day - 365 days a year to serve our clients. Connect with us on social media to learn more.


515 S. Flower Street 18th Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90071

(213) 314-5229


287 Park Avenue South 2nd Floor

New York, NY 10010

(212) 860-0098


1441 L Street NW 10th Floor

Washington, DC 20005

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